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The history of Sora traces back to 1981 when the company started to manufacture the first aerosol filling machine in Turkey. Onwards from 2000, Sora Cosmetics shortly turned out in Turkey as well as abroad into one of the major players in cosmetics. Ranking second in Turkey in 2011 in the category of “ personal care products “ as per IKMIB records ( Istanbul Exporters Union of Chemical Substances and Products), Sora Cosmetics exports its outstanding exports to more than 70 countries worldwide located on 5 continents. Cosmetic shops, key accounts, major retailers and wholesellers can be referred to as major clients of Sora.

Again in 2011, SORA purchased the company BEBAK together with brand and know-how rights. BEBAK is a well known-brand in Turkey, set up in 1933 with cosmetic products derived from bitter almond such as cream and make-up remover. This brand still leads in its own category the Turkish market and will shortly also start marketing and sales to export markets. Headlined under personal care products, Sora manufactures for men, ladies and kids various items for skin care, baby care and personal hygiene.


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To be able to introduce higher technology aerosol filling machines with lower production costs, Sora Cosmetics established a different section for the Reseacrch and Development of Machinery. Apart from its own needs, Sora also produces and sells these machines to be able to the Middle East and Africa regions.

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Bebak bitter almond milk is a make-up remover that is used safely for a long time. Moisturizes, nourishes and soften your skin while cleaning. Since 1933 year, maintain the same quality without losing anything from the consumer’s loyalty.

By this time, numerous products have come and gone. Which one would you remember ? When we look at the past which ones come to our mind? People for many years to influence friend or enemy, used everything in the environment to be young, healthy and nice : grass, mud, sand, spring water, sea water, seaweed, soil …

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Sora started yachting production in 2009 with the aim of “ to produce that which has not been produced before”. Soon the company launched its 3 new power boat catamaran project. The production of catamarans of 13M-20M-30M of Carbon in 2012 added to the fame of the company worldwide, nowadays one of the finest luxury yacht suppliers to the Middle East and Russia.

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